pitbull puppiesAfter researching many Pitbull websites looking for the perfect Pitbulls for sale, you have arrived here at MrPitbull.com. You have already seen by now that we have with out a doubt the very best PITBULLS FOR SALE anywhere on planet earth. We are internationally recognized as the premiere Pitbull kennel in the world. You will now be elated to know that our Pitbull kennel is located here in Michigan and we have Pitbull Puppies for sale in Michigan that will be the envy of all your friends. Your neighbors will be happy too as we breed for TEMPERAMENT and socialize each puppy we sell with both humans and other animals. Your children will love and be loved by one of our adorable Michigan pitbull puppies for sale. No other pitbull kennel in Michigan can match Mr Pitbull for quality, selection, and value.

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american pitbull puppiesBeing a successful Pitbull breeder in Michigan requires a special vision. When I was growing up I spent much of my time on an Island right next to Mackinaw where I could look across the still Michigan blue waters of Lake Huron and see the Grand hotel. The movie Some Where In Time was filmed there. I knew of the nostalgia and learned the history of what was one of the most popular attractions in the state of Michigan. Tens of thousands would come to visit that place every summer while I could only watch from a distance. All alone in a wilderness surrounded only by the beauty of natural wild life on Bois Blanc Island I felt very alone.

I would often dream of having a friend and companion, someone just to be there for me. Someone who would listen to my problems and love me no matter what. Yes... such is the dream of many a small boy. To have a puppy, to love and play with and watch grow up into a strong and trusted friend. What kind of dog though would I choose? There are many breeds of dogs in Michigan that can be had for cheap and could make a loving companion. I knew though even as a young man that it does not cost anymore to feed a cheap dog than it does one of superior quality. This was to be my companion. I remembered contemplating the question, why would a man put a $5000 ring on a girls finger when they could be had for much cheaper? The answer of course is commitment! This was no ring I was buying, a mere symbol of love but rather was the very one I would be spending my years with. Money was not going to be the deciding factor.

Mr PitBull Kennels is recognized as a world leader In AMERICAN BULLY PITBULLS and a trusted source for Pitbull information. While you are here, take some time to examine MrPitBull carefully. We have over 500 pages of information on Pitbulls.

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Muscle Building Over the years I have come to know and appreciate what many will never even contemplate. Friendship is first about LOYALTY, and I can say for a fact that there is no more loyal breed than the American Pitbull. I have made it my mission in life to enrich this breed and have spared no cost in assembling the finest bloodlines in the world. I ask you to take a look at OUR DOGS here and compare. Any other purchase made elsewhere would simply be a compromise in price. You will also have the comfort of knowing that if you buy a Pitbull puppy from MrPitbull.com you are backed by an educated breeder who is passionate and will be there to help you along every step of the way.

Mr Pitbull puppies are produced here on our puppy farm. Our Pitbull puppies we believe are among the best in the world. We specialize in Blue pits, Red nose pits, Blue nose pits, Rednose and Blue Pitbulls for sale. We favor Gotti bloodline and Razors Edge bloodlines. Come on in and look around, MrPitbull welcomes You!

Concerning information on pitbull food, I suggest you read BEST DOG FOOD FOR PITBULLS


Pitbull Puppies in MichiganIf you have just recently arrived in Michigan, or have been here your entire life as I have, I want to thank you for taking the time today to visit mrpitbull.com. Having lived in Michigan my entire life and being well traveled, I can recommend some places you will want to see. First and foremost there is Mackinaw Island in northern Michigan where you can enjoy bicycling water sports and horse back riding. They also have some of the best fudge. I hope you have a sweet tooth! If you are into natural wildlife then you will want to visit the neighboring Island where we are Boisblanc. It means White tree Island and is named after it's bountiful birch trees. Maple syrup is a specialty as well.

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Pitbull Puppies for sale in MichiganIf you are visiting the Detroit area then you might want to visit Green Field Village and the Henry Ford Museum. Plenty of Nostalgia there. Shopping malls can be found in many of the major cities in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Jackson, Flint, Detroit; and one of the largest outdoor sporting good retailers in the world Cabelas of Michigan is located just north of Michigan in Dundee Michigan. If your interest is in education, you will want to take a close look at Michigan State University one of the top Veterinarian schools in the world.

If Pitbulls are your passion as they are mine, then I invite you to come visit us. If you are in Michigan visiting and are contemplating adding a Michigan pitbull companion to your family then please stop by and visit or just give us a call. I love to talk to people who are passionate about the breed.


Blue Fawn Pitbull Mr PitBull kennel has Blue Pitbulls for sale in Michigan and will be offering other products for sale along with our Pitbull puppies. We sometimes have a young dog for sale and large Michigan pitbulls for sale. Our Blue nose Michigan pitbulls for sale usually sell out fast! We are consistently updating this site; so return often to our Pitbull Website for new and fresh content. Before leaving take a look at some of our TOP STUDS! I am sure you will agree you won't find a more impressive lineup of Pitbulls anywhere in the world!  

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