pitbull puppiesWelcome to the Land of Lincoln! Mr PitBull Kennels is proud to service Chicago Illinois and surrounding areas. Mr PitBull Kennels is the World leader in everything Pit Bull related. So good news to all you Chicago Bears fans; Mr PitBull breeders of the world's finest Blue PitBulls for sale is only a four hour drive from Soldier Field and Comiskey Park. I would like to extend to everyone from the Windy City an invitation to visit Mr PitBull Kennels and see our Blue PitBull Puppies. Not only does MrPitBull have Blue AMERICAN PITBULL PUPPIES for sale in Chicago Illinois we have the best selection of Blue Pit Bulls either side of the Mississippi guaranteed.

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american pitbull puppiesWhile you are here, take some time to examine MrPitBull carefully. We have over 500 pages of information on Pitbulls. You will note that not only do I take delight in my dogs; I take pride in providing helpful information to all Chicago Bulls fans. For instance, check out my ASK MR PITBULL ANYTHING page where I answer questions from both Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs fans alike. I receive dozens of emails every day, some of them from the far corners of Illinois, seeking advice and information on things you can't imagine concerning the health and care of PitBulls and PitBull puppies.

So if you already have a PitBull or are looking for PitBulls for sale in Chicago; this page has the information you are looking for.If you are looking for a Blue Pitbull either RAZORS EDGE or Gotti, you won't find it at McCormick Center or at the Merchandise Mart. You will want to visit MrPitBull. I am by way of the I90 / I80 freeway, four hours east of Chicago, south of Toledo Ohio. So if you are looking for Pitbull puppies for sale in Chicago Illinois, you owe it to yourself to visit MrPitBull where the finest Blue Pitbulls on Planet Earth are bred and produced.

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Muscle Building Being a successful Pitbull breeder in Chicago requires a special vision. Whether you are in search of Illinois blue pitbull puppies, or Blue nose pitbull puppies in Chicago or Illinois blue pitbull puppies for sale in Illinois, you have come to the right Kennel. Mr PitBull is redefining the definition of the blue nose pitbull terrier. Todays AMERICAN BULLY PITBULL, is rewriting the standard of the breed. To be a thriving PitBull Kennel in Illinois is not easy, I have developed a unique Illinois pitbull breeding program that has aloud me to stay ahead of the curve; not easy in a changing marketplace.

Check out my Pitbull Puppies and then go to my PRODUCED PAGE and you will see why MrPitBull is the leading source for Pitbull Puppies in Chicago.

For information on Illinois pitbull food, I suggest you read BEST DOG FOOD FOR PITBULLS


Pitbull Puppies in Illinois If you are looking for a Pitbull breeder in Illinois that has top blood lines such as Razors Edge, Gottiline or REMYLINE you have come to the right place. Take a look at some of our dogs. Blue Remy not only represents one of the best Pitbull bloodlines in Illinois, He is also blue or what some refer to as Blue nose. So if you love Remyline and want a dog that will throw blue traits to your Illinois pitbull puppies, then we would suggest one of his puppies.


Pitbull Puppies for sale in Illinois Of course you don't want to over-look Bra'tac either. Visit his PITBULL PICTURE album and see why he has become an internet sensation. And don't forget Bandit and Bartender, two of the top Remyline and Razors Edge studs in the world. So if you are looking for Pitbull puppies in Chicago and Illinois you will want to visit Mr PitBull Kennels today! Remember, we are just two hours outside of Chicago. Our Pitbull puppies we believe are among the best in the world. We specialize in Blue pits, Red nose pits, Blue nose pits, Rednose and Blue Pitbulls for sale. We favor GOTTI BLOODLINE and Razors Edge bloodlines. Come on in and look around, MrPitbull welcomes You!


Blue Fawn Pitbull Purchasing PitBull Puppies in Chicago Illinois can be a daunting task. Finding the right Pitbull Kennels in Chicago Illinois is not easy. It seems these days that everyone who owns a Pitbull thinks he is a breeder. As with anything, when the unqualified is involved the results are often unspectacular. Sadly, in the case of DOG BREEDING, such can result in Pitbulls with severe genetic disabilities. A backyard breeder will put any two dogs together. "Hey I have a dog and so do you; let's breed them"! And that is how it goes. Breeding an animal that will become a home companion for you and your family is a serious endeavor and should never become a casual matter.

I have spent countless hours honing my skills as a BREEDER, studying time tested breeding philosophies not limited to breeding Pitbulls, but reports from leading researchers in both the canine and livestock fields. I have applied what I have learned in developing the MrPitBull bloodline. Many believe that if a dog has papers (is registered) that it is breed worthy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Fact is; very few registered dogs represent the best of the breed and therefore qualify to be used in a professional PitBull breeding program.  

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Blue Pitbulls in Illinois I have spared no expense in assembling the finest PitBulls from around the country. I carefully match the right female to the right stud. I generally will keep one or two from each breeding and watch them as they mature and keep only the best of the best to add to Mr PitBull Kennels. Doing so, certainly adds to the cost. But I make no apologies as the results speak for themselves. Admittedly, nothing is more discouraging than deciding that a certain dog, a good dog, just doesn't have what it takes to be part of my program. But in the end, it is making those kinds of tough choices that have earned MrPitBull the reputation of being the top PitBull Kennel in Chicago Illinois and the world.


Blue Pitbulls Illinois I ship puppies all over the world, but yet many folks want to be able to pick up their Pitbull Puppy in person. Most will gladly make the four hour drive to Mr PitBull Kennels from Chicago. And since it saves me a trip to Midway or O'Hare; ask me about the pickup discount! If you are from Chicago Illinois or surrounding areas and would like to become the proud owner of the finest Blue Pitbull Puppies in Illinois and the world, give me a call today and ask for Brock. Before leaving take a look at some of our TOP STUDS! I am sure you will agree you won't find a more impressive lineup of Pitbulls anywhere in the world! And remember we are just outside of Chicago.

If you are looking to buy a Pitbull, or sell a Pitbull in Illinois; join our forum! Mr PitBull is visited by over 2 million people each year, from around the globe, including many Illinois pitbull breeders hoping to buy and sell pitbulls in Illinois. Furthermore, you will find no better source for INFORMATION on how to care for your Illinois pitbull. Click on the Illinois pitbull forum button above to go directly to the Illinois pitbull forum enrollment page to become a member. We thank you in advance for your enrollment!
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With the economy and over-breeding, Illinois pitbull shelters and pitbull rescues in Illinois are beyond capacity. Your local Pitbull Rescue is an excellent place to find a pitbull near you in Illinois in desperate need of a new home. Few things are more rewarding than rescuing a pitbull. For a small adoption fee you could find yourself with a new best friend! Check out my article on HOW TO PICK OUT AND CARE FOR A RESCUE DOG
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